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Measuring and testing equipment


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Measuring and testing equipment

Despite comprehensive calculations, in the context of the approval of a new cooling system it is often necessary to investigate its actual performance.

In particular, studies of useful life are often necessary since the specifications of modern high-performance coolers often push the materials available to their limits.

Numerous devices are available for:

  • Pressure change tests (low pressure, high pressure)
  • Temperature change tests for liquid and gaseous media
  • Vibration tests for excitation in one or three spatial dimensions
  • Corrosion tests


High temperature cycle test for charge air coolers
3D shaker with cooling module


For the measurement of performance there are various wind tunnels available in which cooler systems with outputs of between a few kilowatts and several hundred kilowatts can be thermodynamically characterised. The range of available media including water/glycol, oil and intake air covers the commonest operating substances for our coolers.Performance measurement in cooling systems with built-in fans is as a rule supplemented by a check on noise emissions. Both acoustic pressure and sound power when operating may be measured.In addition, special studies are often required for which, if necessary, new testing equipment is also specially developed and built.Our portable measurement technology is often also used to record the conditions of use and operating parameters in the field together with the customer. Measurements of temperature and pressure are often supplemented by acoustic measurements and thermographic imaging. In the event of unclear mechanical loads on components in use, from time to time they are also recorded directly with accelerometers or strain gauges in order to derive realistic specifications from them.